Mommy...Where Does Mustard Come From?


Did you know?

Saskatchewan produces 75%-80% of Canada’s mustard and 40%-50% of the world’s mustard!

When you buy your favourite mustard, there is a good chance it was grown in Saskatchewan and exported to another country for processing and packaging. You are technically buying back a local product! That seems silly, right? That is why we are so proud to be the only mustard in Canada that is grown, processed and packaged right here in SASKATCHEWAN!

So when you buy Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard, you are DIRECTLY supporting our local Saskatchewan farmers!

We feature nine styles of mustard including, French, German, Cajun, Jalapeño, Honey Dill, Garlic, Cranberry, Saskatoon Berry and a Beer mustard that is made with Gluten Free beer from Minhas Brewery!  We are also launching a new Smokin' BBQ mustard soon, so keep an eye out for that! We also feature Dry Mustard- a powder used for cooking and Dry Rub Mustard – a seasoning spice for meats. We really do have all of your mustard needs covered!

Another tasty little tidbit of information for you, all of our mustards have been tested and have been given a 100% Gluten Free Certification! So if you have a gluten intolerance, load up on our mustard baby!!

What are you waiting for? Stock up your fridge with delicious, LOCAL Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard! 


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